Tracking Banner Ad Statistics

As you get into planning your online marketing campaign, you will need a way to track the success for your ads. There are certain statistics that will help you decide where to place your web banner advertising and there are statistics that ทำป้าย you will want to keep track of to help you manage the effectiveness of your campaign. Let’s take a look.

Site Statistics

When you look for web sites to place your banner ad on, you will want to gather some important statistics such as the CPM, traffic and the average click through rate (CTR).

Banner Statistics

When you do decide on a place to put your ads, there are specific statistics that you should keep an eye on such as the number of clicks, the CTR and the conversion rate.

How do you gather these statistics?

The second place you need to gather statistics from is your own web site, where your advertising banner directs potential clients. From there you will be able to verify if in fact your site traffic is going up due to your banner ad, you will be able to see where your site traffic is coming from and you will be able to determine your conversion rate.


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